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Actor / Performer / Model

Small Business Owner
Community College Educator

Your Community Advocate on City Council

Hayward Strong. 

Francisco's Action Plan for Hayward

  • Addressing a Fragile Economy with support for Business and Families

  • Continue Innovative Housing and Homelessness Solutions

  • Creating Safe Communities with Accountability and Transparency

  • Championing Environmental Policy and Climate Restoration

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Endorsements/ Patrocinios


"Francisco Zermeño is a leader that Hayward can be proud of. He has put politics aside to deliver real results for our city to stand up for working families, champion our community's rich culture and diversity, and bring bold solutions to address our housing and traffic challenges. As a professor and Council Member, Francisco's legacy of public service and supporting our youth is unmatched --

his commitment to seeing Hayward's students succeed has helped foster the next generation of Hayward's leaders. I'm endorsing Francisco because he is passionate about Hayward, and he has the experience and the commitment to ensure that Hayward remains a place for everyone."

Congressman Eric Swalwell (CA-15)


Community Organizations

Hayward Area Democratic Club
Alameda County Building and Construction Trades

Hayward Chamber of Commerce

Northern California Carpenters
Sheetmetal Workers Local 104

Sprinkler Fitters Local 483

Laboreres Local 304

Hayward Firefighters Local 1909

Sierra Club

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte
Sikh Community Organized for Political Engagement (SCOPE)

Elected Officials and Community Leaders

Congressman Eric Swalwell

California Assemblymember Bill Quirk

California Senator Bob Wieckowski

Alameda County Supervisor Richard Valle

Hayward Mayor Barbara Halliday


Honorable April Oquenda, H.U.S.D. Board Member

Honorable Ken Rawdon, H.U.S.D. Board Member


Honorable Linda Granger, ChabotLPCCD Board Member

Honorable María Heredia, ChabotLPCCD Board Member

Honorable Tim Sbranti, ChabotLPCCD Board Member

Honorable Carlo Vecchiarelli, former ChabotLPCCD Board Member


Honorable Sara Lamnin, Hayward City Council Member
Honorable Elisa Márquez,
Hayward City Council Member

Honorable Al Mendall, Hayward City Council Member


Kevin Dowling, former Hayward City Council Member
Larry Rato
, former Hayward City Council Member

Rita Duncan, Oro Loma Sanitary District

Mariellen Faria, Planning Commissioner and Eden Health District Member

Paul Frumkin, former H.U.S.D. Board Member

Ignacio de la Fuente, former Oakland City Council Member

Minane Jamison, Hayward Area Recreation District 

Arzo Mehdavi,
 Community Services, Chair and Registered Nurse

Ray Bonilla, Chair, Planning Commissioner
José Lara,
Community Service Commissioner

Zachariah Oquenda, Community Services Commissioner

Ali Zargar, Personnel Commission Member

Rachel Zargar, Community Service Commissioner
Saira Guzman, Community Service Commissioner


Daniel Aguilar, former Hayward Youth Commissioner

Sarahí Bautista, former Hayward Youth Commissioner 

Elmer Beltrán, former Hayward Youth Commissioner

Sheryl Boykins, former Police Chief, Cal State University East Bay Hayward

Peter Bufete, former Hayward Library Commissioner 

Cheryl Butler-Adams, former Hayward Personnel Commissioner

Diego Castro, former Hayward Personnel Commissioner

Jerry Caveglia, former Hayward Planning Commissioner

Érica Cortez, former Associated Student Body President, Chabot College

Sandra Davini, former St. Rose Hospital Foundation Member

Elizabeth Elenes, former Associated Student Body President, Chabot College

Alex Harmon, former Hayward Youth Commissioner

Alejandra Melgoza Suárez, former Hayward Youth Commissioner

Iris Murillo, former Hayward Library Commissioner 

Aaron Torres, former Hayward Youth Commissioner

Barbara Sacks, former Hayward Planning Commissioner

Omar Salpekar, former Hayward Youth Commissioner

Tawana Smith, former Keep Hayward Clean and Green Task Force Member

Frank Burton, HADC Board Member

Diane Fagalde, former Community Services Commissioner 

Donna Bell, HADC Board Member

Mary Jo Foote, former HADC Board Member

Ginny DeMartini, HADC Board Member

Phyllis Moroney, former HADC Board Member

Rick Trullinger, former HADC Board Member

Roman Reed, former Fremont Planning Commissioner

Sue Merrill, former South Hayward Parrish Director

Ralph Morales, Food Bank Director, *South Hayward Parish

Amy Sida Rickard, *South County Family Services Executive Director

"Mr. J Francisco C is a competent person of integrity and wisdom that keeps his word. He is one of the few politicians that is humble and I can assure you will do the most in his power to do the best for Hayward. He is a person that treats everyone with equity across the board and has diligence to guide the heart of the bay. I feel we can all connect with him and that he connects with us in some aspect in terms of community, education, safety, and budget expertise. Mr. Zermeño has diversity and expresses it among the community whereever he is present; whether it is as a politician, educator, parent, professional, and community organizer.
VOTE for Francisco Zermeño on November 3!"

-Monica Ni-Tri

“The success of a City has a lot to do with the Leadership of it's Elected Officials. The City of Hayward is constantly on the move and Francisco Zermeño is responsible for raising the Bar and voting on issues that make Hayward one of the best cities to live in. I support his vision and stand behind his leadership and reelection as a member of the City of Hayward Council.”
-Donna Bell

"La Ciudad de Hayward, necesita gente con experiencia, gente que esté atenta a la comunidad, que escuche y trabaje en sus necesidades, J Francisco Zermeño C ha sido pieza clave en el resurgimiento de Hayward, él quiere mejorar y apoyar los pequeños, medianos y grandes comercios, quiere mejorar la educacion, entre otros grandes proyectos, siempre pensando en el bienestar de la ciudadania. Este 3 de noviembre, dale tu voto de confianza, vota por Francisco Zermeño."
- Juan Pablo López

"Family and friends in Hayward I encourage you to vote for Francisco Zermeño. In the early 80's he was my Spanish professor at Chabot college as well as a mentor. All the years I have known him, Francisco Zermeño, has been a strong supporter and advocate for our youths and education as well as working how to improve Hayward. Having been elected twice as a council member for the city of Hayward, he will continue his dedication to continue his work for the city of Hayward. Vote for Francisco Zermeño!"
-Marta Zelaya


Contact Me / Estoy a la Orden

Francisco Zermeño
PO Box: 92
Hayward, CA 94557
Phone: 510-732-2746

To reach me regarding a City related matter contact:
Hayward City Hall
777 B St.
Hayward, CA 94541-5007
Phone: (510) 583-4352 | Fax: (510) 583-3601

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